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Top Crypto Currency Mining MotherBoards and Hardwares for 2018

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Crypto Currency Mining Mother Boards

There are tons boards which are said to be highly efficient in mining that are available in the online market but choosing the right one can be a bit unsettling. After a long survey in the year end, we have listed the top and most widely used mother boards which are used by top earning miners that can be used with various GPUs and earn lot of money with great profit.

Top Crypto Currency Mining MotherBoards and Hardwares 2018

Top GPUs for BitCoin, Etherium and Other Crypto Currency Mining for 2018

Motherboard alone cannot mine cryptocurrency. Inorder to start mining, you will need a suitable GPU. Below is a list of most commonly used GPUs by miners.

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  1. You don’t need to plug in a monitor for setup of Hive OS, there is a config file on the USB key similar to SMOS where you can put in your rig ID and password (among a few other options like WiFi configuration, which is handy)

  2. hello one more time,
    after one or two hours normal mining in SMOS with 12 x rx580 4gb, system just reboot and show me this msg GPU#0 IS GOING TO USE TOO HIGH INTENSITY (6), NOT ENOUGH GPU MEMORY, INTENSITY VALUE REDUCED (2), GPU#0 ALGORITHM ASM, INTENSITY 2., and list is for all cards, so GPU#1, GPU#2, etc… how in SMOS I can reduce this value. Wood be reallu healphul some help.
    thank in advance.”
    Ragerds:Moses Brodin

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