Kali Linux – TPLink TL WN722N Issue | What has gone wrong?

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Kali Linux WiFi Adapter

So far, Kali Linux is the most commonly used Operating System for penetration testing of all time. It has a collection of Web application, network including WiFi hacking tools and technology which will help a hacker to gain access to confidential information and networks, hack WiFi and performs various security testing activities with ease.

Kali Linux – TPLink TL WN722N Issue

The only problem with Kali Linux (and all Linux distros) is the lack of hardware and devices. People have been using TP Link TL WN722N WiFi Adapter with kali linux for a long time. But for the past few years, so many issues have been arising questioning the compatibility of TP Link TL WN722N with Kali Linux. People are not able to put their TP Link TL WN722N in monitor mode for WiFi hacking or Packet injection. At the same time, another group says they don’t have any problem working with that.

tplink-tl-wn722n Kali Linux Issue

TP Link TL WN722N

So what went wrong here? Why cant we put some TP Link TL WN722N in monitor mode in Kali Linux? Problem is with TP Link TL WN722N or Latest version of Kali Linux?

WiFi Chipset

Know it before start talking about the WiFi adapter brands that are supported by Kali Linux 2019, let’s take a look at a more important factor – WiFi chipset which is used in USB WiFi adapters. A wireless chipset is the brain or you can call it as the mind of USB WiFi adapter Which does all the calculations for it. It is the WiFi chipset that determines whether the USB WiFi adapter is good or bad. The brand is irrelevant. It is the chipset inside the USB WiFi adapter that we should take care of. There are a lot of chipsets that is supported by Kali Linux 2019 which can be used for performing various packet injection and other attacks.

Ralink RT3070
Atheros AR9271
Ralink RT3572

Do Kali Linux Support TP Link TL WN722N?

Yes and no. Let me clear that for you. Older versions of TP Link TL WN722N (v1) were powered by Atheros AR9271 chipset. And yes it is compatible with all versions of Kali Linux.

But now, most of online sellers including Amazon and Ebay are selling V3 of TP Link TL WN722N which are not compatible with Kali Linux. The newer versions of WiFi adapters cannot be put to monitor mode and cannot be used for packet injection.

So if you are planning on buying TP Link TL WN722N WiFi adapter, make sure they are V1 and are compatible with Kali Linux for successful WiFi Hacking and Penetration Testing.

Which is the best WiFi Adapter for Kali Linux 2019?

Here are a list of Kali Linux Compatible WiFi adapters. Links are also provided in the description. Check it Out!! Happy Hacking!!

Best USB WiFi Adapters for Kali Linux
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