IntRec Pack – Easily Install Hacking tools in Kali Linux

We spend a lot of time going through sites, trying to find out the latest stable download link for various hacking tools. Even after successful download, installing/updating dependencies is another headache. A new bash script is available in NullArray github repository that will make this work easier for you.

What is IntRec-Pack ?

IntRec-Pack or Intelligence and Reconnaissance Package/Bundle installer is an awesome bash script that will automatically install worlds best penetration testing as well intelligence gathering tools. This script not just installs the tools, but it also looks for and install missing dependencies that are required to run the tools without any break.


Click here to download IntRec-Pack.

Clone this repository into your local

git clone

You can also download the application as ZIP and extract it. You might need sudo permissions/root user for execution.

cd IntRec-pack
chmod +x

Now start the script by running



Using this script is really easy or if you want help, ‘help’ will walk you through everything you can do with this script.

You can list all the tools and install the one that is necessary or you can download and install all the tools available with this script

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