Kali Linux 2017.2 Features, Download and Upgrade

Kali Linux has been one of the best penetration testing OS of all time. During April 2017, Kali Linux 2017.1 rolling was released and the popular distro came up with a set of significant updates and features which include Support for RTL8812AU Wireless Card Injection, Support for CUDA GPU Cracking, Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure Availability and much more.

They have now officially announced the release of the next updated version – Kali Linux 2017.2. This new version is packed with some new powerful tools in addition to all the security packages. This version is now available for download.


The new version of Kali Linux comes with some great new surprises. This one includes some new tools that are included in the repositories and are available for download. Some of the new tools include hurl a URL encoder/decoder, brutespray – tool that can find the usage of default credentials on various services, apt2 – an automated scanner and various Active Directory penetration testing tools like BloodHound and crackmapexec.

Moreover, there are new upgrades for tools that are already available in previous version such as d-gui, dnsenum, edb-debugger, wpscan, watobo, burpsuite etc. For complete change list, click on this link.


The new version is available for download, follow this link and grab the latest image of Kali Linux 2017.2. You can install it along with windows (Dual Boot).

Click below link to download Kali Llinux 2017.2

This version is available for Virtual Machines, so that you can directly download the disk image and add it to Virtual Box. ARM images are also available for devices like Raspberry Pi, ODROID, Beagle Bone etc.


If you have a previously installed version and you don’t want to lose all the data, you can simply upgrade the current version to the new one. For a complete upgrade, simply execute the following commands in the terminal.

apt update && apt full-upgrade

Click Here For More Information

Source: https://www.kali.org/news/kali-linux-2017-2-release/



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