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GUI for Arduino

We all love Arduino right? Well here is something you would like. RemoteXY is an easy way to make your own GUI for your Arduino Controller which can be used from smartphones or tablets. You can connect to your Arduino from the smartphone using wireless means such as USB, Bluetooth or WiFi.

Arduino UI
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How RemoteXY work?

RemoteXY is a bit different from other GUI tools for Arduino we are familiar with. You can add different input devices such as buttons, joysticks, switches directly from the list to the screen depending on your project. Designing can be done very easily using the RemoteXY visual editor.

How remotexy works with arduino
RemoteXY working

How to Integrate RemoteXY to Arduino?

Once the design phase is complete, you can extract the source code directly from the RemoteXY. It will be a complete sketch where you can add your own things and upload directly to your Arduino.

You will be able to download a special application from the download page of RemoteXY which is to be installed in the Android which will manage the connection between the Arduino and the Smartphone?

Getting Started

You will find a lot of examples for you to get started with here.

You can start learning from these and make your own projects. Your imagination is your limit.

RemoteXY IDE Support

Remote XY codes can be programmed and uploaded using the following

  • Arduino IDE;
  • FLProg IDE;
  • MPIDE;

Wanna give it a try? Check it out! – RemoteXY



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