Kali Linux Auto Login | How to Enable Autologin Kali Linux Raspberry Pi

kali linux auto login raspberry pi

Kali Linux Auto Login

All right guys, I’m going to show you how to set up Kali Linux that it automatically logs in (Enable Kali Linux Auto Login) on the Raspberry Pi.

This might be different on a desktop environment or a laptop environment. So it may or may not work there.

Steps to Enable Kali Linux Auto Login

Step 1 – Go to lightdm configuration directory

The first thing we need to do is cd into this directory.

cd /etc/lightdm

So once we’re in there and if we do an ls you’ll see that a couple of things come up.

Autologin Kali Linux Raspberry Pi

Step 2 – Edit the Configuration file

So what we need to do is go into this file here – lightdm.conf

Open it up with the command

nano lightdm.conf

So once we’re in there we’re going to scroll down and we need to find these two lines right here.


We need to remove the # sign from both of them and we’re gonna have to add ‘root’ to this line and ‘0’ to the second line.

lightdm auto login raspberry pi

So once we do that we can save that file.

Step 3 – Edit Autologin Config File

Now, go to another file that we need to go to and is found here –

cd /etc/pam.d/

We need to get into this directory. Once we’re in there, if we do another ls,
you can see got a good bit of things in here.

What we need to do is we need to nano into lightdm-autologin file here.

nano lightdm-autologin

Once we’re in there we need to scroll down and find the line below and we need to add the # sign to this line here.

auth required pam_succeed_if.so user != root quiet_success
enable autologin raspberry pi

Step 4 – Reboot

Once you’re done with that just save it and reboot the Raspberry Pi and you should be good to go.



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